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Steinhausen Home Inspections of Lincoln, NE provides building inspection services for property buyers and owners in southeast Nebraska.  lincoln's best home inspector inspectors inspection company companies lincoln nebraska whole home inspectors most thorough





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Thanks for visiting  This website was created to answer questions you may have regarding home and building inspections. 


My name is Matt Steinhausen.  I provide whole home inspections and specialty inspections for building owners and buyers in southeast Nebraska.  Please click on the above links for more information and answers to frequently asked questions regarding my services.  I'm in my 13th year operating Steinhausen Home Inspections.  I have over 30 years experience in the construction, property damage repair, restoration, and building maintenance industries.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska College of Engineering - Department of Construction Management in 1994.  I have investigated about 2000 properties either as a home inspector, restoration contractor or insurance adjuster.


My inspection reports are an easy-to-read narrative summary.  With a whole-home inspection, I review and investigate almost every conceivable component of a property.   My clients tell me my services are the most reasonably priced available, and based on feedback from real estate professionals, they are also the most thorough.




When I started Steinhausen home inspections in 1999 my goal was to operate as economically as reasonable.   I am 100% paperless, except for the junk mail I receive, and a field notebook I use.  The inspection reports are computer generated and emailed, which speeds the report turn-around time, while reducing waste and postage expense.  Inspection photos are digital, eliminating the need to process and print photos.  I work out of my home office thus I'm not occupying commercial office space, using extra utilities, or driving to/from work.  Bills are paid electronically, which reduces paperwork and postal burdens.   I'm not jumping on the "green" bandwagon because I'm trying to push a political agenda, rather I'm using common sense to build an efficient and economically sound company - thus I can pass my savings on to clients in the form of lower home inspection fees.


Another "green" aspect of my business is that I try to educate folks on the economics of homeownership - how to reduce utility expenses, improve thermal efficiency, use economical building material, etc.




Thanks for visiting the website.  I'd love to hear from you.


Matt Steinhausen, Owner / Operator

Steinhausen Home Inspections, LLC



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